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Swisscom Eurospot buys Megabeam Networks, WLAN AG

Swisscom, the largest Telecom provider in Switzerland, today announced their strategic investment into Public Wireless LAN in Europe. Swisscom has acquired the pan-European wireless provider Megabeam Networks and WLAN AG, the largest German Wi-Fi provider. The Swisscom Eurospot service will currently not merge with Swisscom Mobile's Swiss Hotspot network, but the two networks will be linked with a roaming agreement.

The new network will start off with about 200 Hotspots all over Europe, but Megabeam Networks and WLAN AG have signed hundreds of additional location agreements troughout Europe. With the financial backing of Swisscom, we expect the network to grow rapidly.

Swisscom is one of the very few Telco companies in Europe which has not over-invested into UMTS/3G technology and they can afford to invest into the technology, which is 'hot' today. Even companies which have invested huge amounts of money into UMTS (like German Telekom, France Telecom) are not so sure any more, if UMTS is going to be a success. Analysts say that networks with GSM/GPRS technology, combined with Wireless LAN Hotspots are a much more cost-efficient way to provide a similar quality of service.

Many Telco companies are currently investing in Public Wireless LAN technology in Europe, it looks like the European Wi-Fi market might become part of the European Telecom market soon.


Swisscom Press Release
Swisscom Eurospot Homepage


Posted on Friday, 07 March 2003 by admin